Audio Chess, run by International Master Michael Basman, has been in operation for 25 years. The organization has produced cassette tapes covering most of the frequently used opening systems and many pioneering tapes on completely new lines, such as the St. George, the Macho Grob and the Bishop c5 and Bishop e2 Sicilian lines. The tapes are of historic interest having been recorded by such famous chess players as Tony Miles, Ray Keene, Jon Speelman, Nigel Short and others. Chess Cassettes are an innovative teaching tool since they allow the pupil to listen to the analysis, make moves on a chess board where required, and this avoids the tiresome problem of continually switching the eyes from book to board and back again. The pupil is often asked to study a particular position and suggest a move. The tape gives immediate feedback to correct or incorrect responses and thus aids learning. We have recently re-recorded some of the tapes onto CDs (see Category CDs), giving the same or even better control of the information by the player.

Michael Basman has also written many extremely useful books for beginners based on his own experience of teaching chess in schools and training teachers to teach chess. There is a huge expansion in interest in chess and, therefore, the need for chess coaching in schools. Mike's "Manual for Chess Teachers" and "Teaching Chess, the easy way to learn", are highly recommended by practicing teachers, as well as the trail blazing "Beginner to Winner in 2 Months" and "Find the Mate" books. Examples of the Audio Chess products can be viewed on line with sample pages from some of the books and extracts from some of the tapes.

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